Who We Are

Hey there! My name is Ashley Adams and I am the founder of Amorous Desires LLC. This business is something that I have aspired to establish for some time now, as sex toys and sexual education became a pertinent part of my life starting at the age of twenty-two. As you know, life can be full of twists and turns!

In 2016, my husband was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered a severe spinal cord injury that changed every aspect of our lives. It also delivered a devastating blow to our sex life at an incredibly young age. This incident was the catalyst that drove my passion for sexual wellness as well as bridging the educational gap that I feel goes hand in hand with finding what toy works best for you in the bedroom!

Our site showcases helpful how to articles with new weekly entries ranging from toy tutorials, sex tips, body positivity and so much more with the purpose of giving our readers more confidence in the bedroom! Whether it is finding your way back to intimacy, overcoming one of life’s various obstacles, or offering products that suite a specific lifestyle, Amorous Desires has you covered.

We have taken our time meticulously hand picking each item on our page. Please don’t hesitate to let us know If there’s anything that’s not on the website that you desire, and we will personally curate those items and start carrying them.  We are available by phone and email during normal business hours and frequently check e-mails during holidays to quickly address questions or issues you may have.

Every decision here is done with the best interest of the customer because without you we would not be here!  So please take your time and look around, our goal at Amorous Desires is to offer a safe space to explore your desires in a judgment free zone normalization is our top priority. Don’t forget to check us out for all of our latest content and new product alerts!