Vibrators 101

Vibrators are game changers when it comes to things that go buzz in the night. My favorite quality about vibrators is that they are extremely versatile and appeal to everyone! If you haven’t already noticed, vibrators come in all shapes, designs, textures, and materials that you can imagine which can be very intimidating at first. When it comes to choosing the right vibrator, we completely have your back! While orgasms are the best form of self-care, it never hurts to get a little extra insight to have all the tools you need to discover the best buzz buddy for you!

To discover your best buzz buddy, let’s look at the five types of vibrators listed below!

  1. External Clitoral Simulation: If you prefer to play without penetration then external clitoral stimulation toys will be your best friend! Popular examples of these toys include the magic wand, bullet, and palm vibrators. Magic wands consist of a longer handle, are easier to reach and more intense. Bullet vibrators are much smaller given their handheld size and focus more on one area of clitoral stimulation. My favorite part about the bullet vibrator is the ability to fit into a smaller bag for on-the-go play!
  2. Internal Vaginal Stimulation: The internal vaginal stimulation toys are intended for internal penetration and g-spot stimulation.
  3. Internal & External Stimulation: Internal and external stimulation gives you the best of both worlds! Personally, I am a huge fan of the Rabbit vibrator that features a longer shaft for internal use and a smaller attachment for clitoral play.
  4. Anal Stimulation: The first step in choosing an anal stimulation toy is to decide if you prefer toys that remain in place or shift in and out. I would suggest either the Nexus G Play that is compatible with both vaginal and anal play or the Dr. Joel Multi Speed Prostate Massager. Both toys are perfect for achieving exhilarating anal play. Always remember to choose a back door toy with a flared base that keeps the toy outside of your body. Bases are safe!
  5. Penis Stimulation: There are two types of penis stimulation toys that feature vibration and restriction or restriction only. The Fantasy C Ring Penis Vibrator is placed on the base of the penis which provides amazing clitoral stimulation for you partner and places tons of erection wrangling pressure when it counts. If you’re only interested in restriction penis stimulation, the Ram #2 cock ring is a great choice because of its smooth, stretchy, and perfectly circular band. The plush silicone ring grips the base of the penis and the underside of the testicles securely (depending on how you choose to wear it) and keeps the blood where it will do best!


Tip: When choosing your vibrator, always remember that the safest materials are nonporous. Materials that are porous allow bacteria to become trapped inside the toy which makes it impossible to fully clean your toy. Realistically, not all toys are made with safe materials, and no one knows your body better than yourself! If you choose to use a toy made with porous material, remember to slide a condom over the toy to ensure safe, pleasurable fun without worrying about harmful bacteria.

LUBE! Lube is your very best friend when using any vibrator. One of my favorite high-quality lubes is manufactured by Wicked. Wicked Water based lube features a thick, rich texture that perfectly coats any toy or surface, eliminates friction, and provides so much pleasure!

I hope this quick guide can help you with some of the questions that you might have in choosing the right vibrator for you! There isn’t a right or wrong way to use a vibrator whether it is solo play or with a partner. Always choose what feels right for you!


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